Are you rocking the annual look of scarves, mittens, and constant shivers? Yeah, thought so. It’s time to remember what 80 degrees feels like and book a trip to somewhere warm. Grand Sunset Princess, Cancun Get ready to escape to beautiful Cancun and enjoy balmy weather while lying in the beach. No matter the season Cancun has so much to offer from sun, great food, and never ending days on the beach. What are you waiting for? Cancun offers many different activities for Guests no matter the time of year. Make it a gift to yourself and don’t forget to pack your bathing suit! Sunset Jamaica Grande, Ocho Rios Jamaica is waiting for you! Just think of zip lining through a tropical forest and afterwards taking a horseback ride as you watch the endless sunset. No matter your budget, Jamaica has plenty of options to keep you frugal yet leave that smile on your face. Relax as you enjoy the island breeze! Flamingo Beach Resort, Costa Rica Is this cold stressing you out? Don’t worry, Costa Rica has the perfect amount of sun and spa to take all your cares away. Catch a few waves or just lounge by the pool. No matter what you are interested in doing, Costa Rica has it. Beaches, hiking, waterfalls, snorkeling or surfing, there is always something to do. Get ready to pack your bags, Costa Rica awaits! Hawks Cay Resort, Florida Keys Grab the keys and get to Key West! Surround yourself with history and culture as you embrace the local way of life. Arts and culture are rich in the area, but if you want to toss on some shorts and go for a hike, the Keys have it for you. Take some time and go for a dive as you adventure into an underwater dream. Time for you to hop on a boat and set sail for a worry free vacation. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Pacific Beach Hotel, Hawaii Don’t forget about the islands of Hawaii! Grab your grass skirt and hula your way to warm weather. Enjoy the sunshine and the relaxed atmosphere as you dine on delicious cuisine. Explore a volcano while you hit the waves afterwards. You won’t want to leave! Aloha! Melia Caribe Beach, Dominican Republic Toss away your cell phone and go listen to the ocean down in the Dominican Republic. Soak up the sun during the day and enjoy all the night time festivities this wonderful place offers. The Dominican Republic is great for families too! Your day will be full of zip lining, golfing, snorkeling, and even touring a beautiful park. Young or old, this is the place to escape from the cold! Able to feel your toes now? We hope so! Start packing your bags and remember to bring sunscreen and a bathing suit. Oh! And remember to pack just one sweater to make it to the airport! Happy (warm) travels!