You’ve set aside time for a vacation, but your budget isn’t as big as you’d hoped for. You’re left feeling discouraged and thinking, “I can’t afford a luxurious resort.” The truth is, there are ways you can afford it. We have five tips for success in finding the perfect, luxurious resort without breaking the bank.

Choose All-Inclusive

All-inclusive packages seem more expensive than paying for a room only when the costs are placed side by side. This is because people don’t usually factor in the cost of food, drinks, and resort amenities. Booking with an all-inclusive resort will save you money in the long term because the843 amenities are unlimited. Yes, you read that right. This eliminates the stress of budgeting for dining costs, poolside drinks, and any other perks the resort offers. More importantly, all amenities are paid for up front as a part of your cost per night, allowing you to know exactly what your trip will cost before you book it.

Do Your Research

Deciding which resort is right for you is hard work, and it’s not a decision that should be made without research. Comparing resorts and travel packages for your desired destination will help you decide which resorts offer the best amenities for the best prices. This ensures that the resort you choose has the amenities that matter most to you within your budget. We recommend using websites that allow you to compare rates on one page in order to get the best deal.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews by fellow travelers is particularly helpful in determining if customer satisfaction is important to a resort. We recommend reading multiple reviews to get a well-rounded understanding of guest experiences. In addition to a written review, previous guests can share whether or not they would recommend or return to the resort.

Search for Activities

Look for resorts that offer on-site activities or free activities as a part of your all-inclusive package. On-site activities save time and money spent traveling to and from activities. If you’ve found a resort that is appealing to you that doesn’t offer on-site activities, look for nearby activities and if they are available to resort guests. Booking with a secluded resort that is lacking in activities on-site or nearby can create an unplanned dent in your budget.

Book Flights In Advance

Last minute plane tickets can be two, three, and even four times more expensive than tickets purchased far in advance. Airlines offer the best ticket rates weeks in advance and increase the rates exponentially closer to the departure date. The best way to keep ticket costs low is to book them as far in advance as possible and to choose mid-week departure dates. For extra savings, we recommend comparing roundtrip flights with one-way flights to and from your destination. The airlines often promote discounted rates on one-way flights.

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  • Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos
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  • Riu Santa Fe
  • El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel with Optional All-Inclusive
  • Riu Playa Blanca
  • Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica