“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…” and sometimes you want to go on vacation. At Bávaro Princess, why not both? When I got the chance to visit some of our amazing hotel partners in Punta Cana, our first  stop was a tour of Bávaro Princess.

Bavaro Princess
Aerial of Bavaro Princess All-Suites Resort, Punta Cana

I was blown away to discover the warmest, most familial atmosphere I’ve ever experienced at a resort. From the moment I walked through the inviting open-air lobby, I was greeted with the sweet sounds of chirping birds and the low, happy hum of guests checking in, grabbing a drink at the bar and chatting with each other and staff as if they had just arrived at their favorite local hangout.

My friend Jaclyn, who also works here at BookIt.com®, was able to set up an amazing tour of the entire resort with the insanely knowledgeable Ronald Ramirez, the operations manager of Bávaro Princess. Not only does Ronald know the property inside and out, he also knows every single staff member (and even some guests!) by name. One of the most interesting facts that Ronald shared with us is that +10% of their guests at any given time have been to the property more than once. Staff at the Bávaro Princess take an immense pride in creating an atmosphere that encourages repeat visitors and have developed an intimate, laid-back experience at a reasonable price that makes the dream of a yearly all-inclusive Caribbean vacation a reality for their guests.

Around the Resort: The Lobby

Bávaro Princess Staff
Daniel, who has worked at Bávaro Princess over 10 years, is one of the guest’s favorite reservation desk employees

During our tour, we were introduced to the smiling face of Daniel, a cornerstone of the Bávaro Princess, who has worked at the reservations desk for over 10 years. Daniel is one of the key members of Ronald’s team, gleefully setting the tone for a hassle-free, memorable trip for guests.


After that, Daniel suggested we meet his friend Ismael, who has been working at the resort bar for over 11 years serving up a variety of fun and fruity mixed drinks including his specialty the “Sammy Sosa”.

Bávaro Princess staff
Ismael, 11 years at Bávaro Princess, serving up the “Playa Caribeña” at the lobby bar.

Of course, Jaclyn and I had to try that! And Ismael did not disappoint, that drink was delicious. The thing about all-inclusive resorts is that they mean it. It is literally all included. Which in turn, means that I never know what to order. So, it’s really great to have a well-seasoned bartender like Ismael who can point me in the direction of a good drink. I was able to tell him vague things I liked: something light and citrusy and something fun (because it’s vacation after all) and he came out with the most delicious drink called the “Playa Caribeana”.

Feeling revived after our afternoon pick-me-up and the welcoming chat with Ismael, we headed out to see the rest of the resort. One of the most amazing features of the Bávaro Princess is how beautifully and effortlessly the suites have been integrated into the natural environment. Each suite sits nestled under the shade of mature palm trees and lush gardens.

Around the Resort: By the Beach

As we headed down to the main beach and pool area, Ronald let us take a peek into the Bávaro Princess’ Kids Zone. Jaclyn and I were wishing we were young enough to hit up that spot! The entire area is gated with a pool and a dedicated building that houses games, toys, a foosball table and tons of other stuff. As all parents know, it’s tough to take your kids on vacation, let alone to another country.

Bávaro Princess Kid's Club
Sandra (11 years at Bávaro Princess) and Anairis (6 years) at the Bávaro Princess Kid’s Club.

So, having a place that they can come and relax and be well taken care of while the parents get a break really takes the pressure off. One of the great things about the Kids Zone at Bávaro Princess is, again, that the staff feels like family. Both of the Kids Zone staff we met had worked there for years and knew families who had been coming to visit yearly since their children were little. It has to be a huge relief for parents to be able to leave their children in the care of someone they have known and trusted for years, even while on vacation.

After that, we all headed down to Cafe del Mar at the beach. We got to meet Mr. Café, a staple at the beach bars of Bávaro Princess. He’s been mixing up the best cocktails in the Caribbean for over 21 years! Mr. Café is the man all the guests remember and come back to see year after year to make their trip extra special.

Make the most out of your All-Inclusive Vacation: Bávaro Princess Review

Ronald and I talked about the best way to spend your day at Bávaro Princess. Which for most guests, starts with an early trip to the breakfast buffet, then straight out to the beach for some morning sun. After that a quick bite to eat at the “McPrincess” (which fittingly serves burgers and fries), then relax or take a nap under the shade of the palms by the pool. Then it’s off to dinner to finish out the day. With 9 different restaurants, it’s hard to choose a favorite. BUT- Ronald said that the El Gaucho steakhouse was one of the best.

  • A little insiders tip: order both the steak and seafood for a little surf and turf fun! Remember, it’s all-inclusive so you can have whatever you want!

If you’re not exhausted from your day of activities, head to one of the nightly shows or check out some of the many activities they have going on at night. Bávaro Princess really has everything you need to have the perfect vacation day.

Bávaro Princess staff
Ronald and I at the Cafe del Mar

We had a great experience at Bávaro Princess. It felt like a place that you could really relax and unwind in the comfort of old friends. The top things you have to experience at Bávaro Princess are definitely the gardens, the beach and their incomparable staff. So, when you’re ready to book your next family vacation, head to the place where everybody knows your name.




Plus, check out this cool video of how they clean the Palm Trees at Bávaro Princess! Sorry for the glitches – I was having some technical difficulties.

Bávaro Princess Video

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