Magical Instagram Vacations of our Favorite Disney Characters

The Magical Instagram Vacations of our Favorite Disney Characters

It’s hard to find anybody who doesn’t like Disney characters, Instagram, vacation, or a combination of all three. Disney characters are beloved by millions of people and, because of this, have become a worldwide phenomenon and a part of everyday life. The same could also be said about the wildly popular social media platform Instagram. Since 2010, people have created posts that document the exciting events in their lives, including the amazing vacations they’ve planned. 

Disney, Instagram, and vacations bring people a lot of joy, so the BookIt team decided to combine all three of them together to create graphics that answer the questions: “if Disney characters could go on vacation, where would they go and how exactly would they share their adventures on their Instagram accounts?”

Check out the work of our amazing graphic designers below and let us know what you think!

The Idea

Emily Stash is a talented graphic artist who led the effort to illustrate these reimaginings by collaborating with other designers. Since we’re all about the vacation life here at Bookit, Emily came to us with the imaginative idea to illustrate some of the most popular Disney characters as if they were on vacation. Obviously, we thought this would be a great idea, so we couldn’t say no.

The Process

When we asked Emily how she and her team decided to go about her illustrations, she said, “We wanted to pick a style that would fit best for the project. Since there were so many characters and landscapes, we thought a clean illustration with minimal shading and lines would be time effective, but also attractive and fun.” 

The designers decided to use a classic Instagram post and considered how each character may show their personality through Instagram: “Our goal for this project was to step away from the classic Disney rebrand projects and create something unique on that same spectrum,” Emily said.  “It took a lot of research, but we chose to focus on traits that are specific to the characters and emphasize them in the illustrations.”

Out of all the illustrations, Emily had a few favorites, “My favorite post to illustrate had to be either Cinderella because of the glass flip-flops, or Aladdin and Jasmine. The flip-flops were a challenge to create, so I’m proud of how they turned out and I just loved recreating the classic ‘Insta-couple-pose’ with Aladdin and Jasmine.”

The Illustrations

From working all day in the arcade and racing in the most dangerous situations, Wreck-It Ralph and Venellope sure could use a vacation, even if it’s virtual. They must have traveled back through the wiffee — we mean, wifey — oh, wifi — to get to this tropical internet destination. Hopefully, they didn’t get too caught up in the eBoy on their way!

Cinderella traded her glass slippers for some glass flip flops! Thankfully, she hasn’t lost one – yet. We all know that Cinderella deserves to take time away from the clock and get some much-needed time to herself. She even shows off her classic blue style with a cute swimsuit and floppy hat with her favorite blue birdies at her side.

Max and Goofy decided to spend their vacation rocking out to Powerline. It’s impossible to not throw up a peace sign when you’re having a good time, so it’s hard to blame Max for his enthusiasm! With front row seats at the Powerline concert and some quality father-son bonding, we’re sure their vacation was a lot of fun (albeit extremely goofy!)

If Hercules had an Instagram, it would definitely be a #fitstagram. It’s no surprise that Hercules and Meg are pumping iron while on vacation. Can you imagine an Olympic Games for gods and demigods? We’d wager that Hercules would go the distance and score a gold medal!

When Lilo said, “Ohana means family”, but I’m not sure that Jumba had this in mind when Lilo and Stitch decided to “borrow” his spacecraft to take their trip intergalactic. But, if you want an out of this world vacation, what else can you do?

While most people consider Disney to be a vacation in itself, it’s home for Minnie and Mickey. It’s hard to imagine them being anywhere other than Disney, but everyone needs a break at some point! While we don’t know where they took their vacation, we think it would be fitting for it to be kept a secret for these two stars.

We all know that Olaf has always dreamed of spending time soaking up the sun during summer and, with the help of Elsa, he finally got his wish! As long as Olaf has his ice cube to rest on, he’s able to enjoy the beach just like the rest of us.

Of course, Timon and Pumba are looking to eat some grubs on their vacation. What they didn’t expect, however, is that just because there is a buffet, doesn’t mean it’s a bugfet. But, fortunately for them, they did find at least one thing that was slimy, yet satisfying.

Aladdin said he’d show Jasmine the world, so here he is doing it! With their hammock, backpack, and magic carpet yoga mat, Aladdin and Jasmine are set for the vacation of a lifetime. Hopefully, Rajah and Abu don’t miss them too much!

Going on a hiking trek is totally suitable for Ariel, who now can walk around on those – what do you call them? Oh, feet! With the assistance of her trekking poles, Ariel spends her vacations hiking all the way to the top of the world after coming from the bottom of the ocean.