Winter: Flannel. Holidays. Cozy Socks. Winter Break. Warm Beverages.

Winter is the perfect time of year to cuddle up and enjoy time with family and friends, and whether you’re looking to spend time with your crew or your kids, it’s the perfect time to plan your next vacation together!

Earlier this year, I visited Hyatt Ziva Resort in Cancun. A gorgeous resort in the middle of the Cancun hotel zone, that really has something for everyone. From areas for kids, to private rooftop pools and bars for the adults – it really covers it all.

We arrived after sundown due to a late (but very comfy flight from Houston) and I was amazed to see how beautiful the resort was even in the dark! I couldn’t get over the soft glow of the  pool, surrounded by gently lit palm trees against the background of the dark ocean with its soft, comforting sounds of waves crashing against the shore. It was instant paradise.

After a quick and easy check in, I decided to take a short tour around the resort and grab a snack before bed.

Checking out the treats at Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Full disclosure here, I’ve got a little bit of a sweet tooth. As in, I’ve never met a bar of chocolate I didn’t like, kind of way.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw this:

Pasteles at Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Hyatt Ziva Cancun has a DESSERT RESTAURANT. That’s right. A restaurant dedicated only to sweets, treats, and happiness. Pasteles has a huge variety of desserts all beautifully displayed and ready to be devoured. You can get ice cream, cookies, cake, marshmallows and wait for it… freshly made cotton candy. Who doesn’t like watching cotton candy get made? I know some kids who would be all about that!

Making Cotton Candy!

Speaking of kids, Hyatt Ziva Cancun has some impressively fun looking kids areas. The resort really has something for everyone and the staff has made sure that kids aren’t left out. One of the most eye-catching features (outside the sweet shop) is the kid’s splash zone. Pools, slides, an enormous bucket of water that drenches you when you least expect it, Hyatt Ziva Cancun has got kid fun covered.

Not just for kids…

One of the unexpected features of the resort is Turquoise by Hyatt Ziva. It’s the adults-only tower in the hotel with a special concierge service and exclusive access to the Punta Vista rooftop bar and pool. I mean they had me with Pasteles, but I was even more excited to hear ‘rooftop bar and pool’. Hyatt Ziva knows how to win a girl’s heart, that’s for sure.

You’ll never beat a rooftop infinity pool overlooking palm trees and the ocean. I mean you can try, but….

Rooftop Pool at Punta Vista

Not only is the Turquoise Tower amazing, but the guest rooms in the entire resort are world class! I love a good view, but I’ve also got to have a comfy room with a good bed. Thankfully Hyatt Ziva has that covered as well. We got to see one of the suites and…HAMMOCK.

It has a HAMMOCK! I dream of laying in hammocks, reading books and listening to waves. Leave it to Hyatt to make sure that dream comes true. And the view. Oh the view. Every room in this resort has an amazing view.

The Restaurants at Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Because hammock-ing works up an appetite I was delighted to find that Hyatt Ziva has 8 restaurants to choose from. My first taste was from Tradewinds, the steakhouse on site. And yes, they have steak, but I actually got salmon and was blown away by how amazing it was. Freshly caught, expertly seasoned and cooked and elegantly presented. The whole meal was delightful!

And what’s a good all-inclusive vacation without a drink or ten? One of the awesome things that set Hyatt Ziva apart is their in-house brewery called Tres Cervezas, where local brewmaster Mario makes some delicious creations.

Not into beer? Then let me recommend the delectable Sangria Passion – Light, fruity with a hint of raspberry, it totally hit the spot.

On to the Zen Spa

As much as I love to adventure and explore during my vacation, I’m always looking forward to downtime when I can really relax. Thankfully Hyatt Ziva Cancun an amazing Zen Spa that features everything a person could possibly need to chill out and unwind. They’ve got whirlpool tubs, steam rooms, a sauna, and a cold plunge pool (if you are brave enough for that sort of thing) and amazing massage waterfalls.

While visiting the Zen Spa at Hyatt Ziva Cancun I was invited to participate in Alchemy rituals. If you’ve never heard of Alchemy rituals before (and I hadn’t) its basically a series of interactive spa workshops that you get to choose from that allow you to personalize your spa experience. There was a pretty long list of choices and in the end, I decided to go with perfume making and masque creation.

Masque making at the Zen Spa

That was just a small taste of the extravagant amenities, accommodations and activities that I had the pleasure of experiencing at the incomparable Hyatt Ziva Cancun, and I can’t wait to go back. The resort had everything I could have asked for in an all-inclusive vacation (and more!) Here is the moral of the story: snow, warm beverages and scarves for winter are nice, but have you tried paradise?