We all know Mexico is one of the best places to vacation. From beautiful beaches, to the culture, and even the sites, it is one place that many save up for and savor every moment of the experience. But there is a hidden treasure of Mexico that some may have not heard of. Xcaret is one activity that all travelers need to experience when they travel to Mexico.

Located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, this park holds adventure for all. This park is extremely eco-friendly, yet that just means you get to see beauty in its truest form. The park allows for visitors to view marine and wildlife in its natural habitat, while still preserving the life of all animals and nature. They even offer eco-friendly sun block for all visitors! No matter if you are young or old, this park has something for everyone.

Now that you know this place is amazing in preserving its natural environment, let’s get down to ALL the fun Xcaret offers! Located near Cancun and Riviera Maya, visitors can easily get to the park (and you won’t want to leave!). First, the underground rivers! How cool would it be to swim in clear blue water underground where you journey into caves and view sites you never imagined? Well guess what, Xcaret has it! If you need to cool down, the park has tons of luxurious pools and lagoons to take a dip in. For the adventurous, there is a jungle trail that will leave you breathless from the beautiful sites. And for those that just want a day to be lazy, go lay in the park area full of beautiful sites and tons of hammocks! It will be the most relaxing time of your life!

Of course we talked up the nature of the park, but there are so many amazing ways to experience all of it! From flamingos to marine turtles to a butterfly pavilion and even jaguars, the animals are in high supply here. Go peek into a natural coral reef and stare at the unique fish that inhabit it. There is even a museum of orchids! Interact with the creatures and life that live in this park in their natural habitat!

The wonderful thing about Xcaret is that the park makes learning about history fun. Everyday there is a show that focuses on the culture and history of Mexico. From painted faces to magical costumes, the show is a wonder to the mind and eye. Venture to the Mayan archeological sites and explore the village where you can see how true Mexican culture is.

Xcaret is a great representation of the Mexican lifestyle. Its preservation of nature and animal life allows for sites that travelers may not see on a normal day to be viewed. No matter if you in Mexico with family, a couple, or by yourself, Xcaret is perfect for all. The culture and beauty of this eco-park are times that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to pack your bags and get to Xcaret today!